Diesel Services LLC

               mobile  truck and trailer repair



 At Diesel Services with our growing fleet of highly trained mobile repair technicians, we can come to you and save you the cost and expense of having to tow your vehicle to a garage in cases where the repairs can be performed on site. The crew at Diesel Services have the training & tools needed to fix things on the spot, including brakes, u-joints, diagnostics and oil changes plus much more. If we identify the repairs as being too significant to perform safely or effectively outside of a garage, we will also coordinate with a third-party tow service to tow your vehicle to our site.

Call us today for more information, or contact us from our website and we will answer any questions that you may have.


 Diesel Services LLC will pull maintenance or provide the precise 18 wheeler repair on most all big rigs of any make and model.The average18 wheeler spends many miles on the road and eventually parts and components are bound to give out. If we can fix the component we will, but if we can't we will replace it with a new one. Diesel Services LLC is dedicated to making certain out customers get the very most out of their equipment. Preventative maintenance goes a long way to support this process.

 Don't trust your equipment with just anyone. Give us a call and let us come out and inspect your equipment at no cost. If it fails a DOT inspection we can talk about getting your equipment back legal. We can then do routine preventative maintenance to help prevent costly breakdowns.